Monday, 5 July 2010

In all honesty I'm not sure why I took this image, but for some reason this really took my attention, there is a lot of graffiti in bigger cities but they tend to be more elaborate and just names this seemed to have more thought behind it (maybe).

I found this image quiet amusing mainly due to the "no food on fri" part of the sign, the reason for this is when I asked the barmaid inside she said it was due to a local carnival/fate. In a bigger city there is no chance of them not opening or not serving food because of a small fate.

Monday, 28 June 2010

I took this because it shocked me that a gallery had such a small sign The only reason I saw this was because I was taking a picture of something next to it.

The main reason I chose this image was because after living in London for most of my life this isn't a sign your likely to see "Country Cousins Cafe" with the large open sign. Small places in London tend to be overshadowed but in Penzance they outshadow the bigger buildings.

Whats it all about

Ok the first set of photos are from penzance and are of different signs around there. I think signs in Penzance and signs in London will be very different from each other.